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How to Apply for Social Security Disability


Applying for Social Security Disability (SSI or SSDI) can be a frustration process and requires you to fill out lots of forms and provide detailed information. Additionally, you can apply for disability benefits without a lawyer. A lot of people will apply without the assistance of a Disability Lawyer and usually get their applications denied at the first or second stage of the application process and find themselves looking for assistance prior to the appeal hearing.  As an applicant, you will find it very helpful to get a Massachusetts Social Security lawyer involved in your case from the start. A disability lawyer’s assistance will help you put together a more complete application than if you went to file you claim to benefits alone.


The 3 Ways to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

You can apply for Social Security Disability Benefits in three different ways (1) in person at your local field office, (2) by telephone, or (3) online through the Social Security Administration’s website, or .


If you to apply by phone, you will need to call 1-800-772-1213 to schedule an appointment with a representative to go over the information needed and they will fill out the initial forms with you. 


The Social Security Administration will require you to complete two forms.

1.The Disability Benefit Application and 2. The Adult Disability Report. Both of the forms require you to enter information about your work history over the past 15 years; your medical treatment and care providers; your medications; and your education and training.  TIP: In order to make this application process quicker and more productive, please gather or write down your work history, information on your medical treatments, including your doctors names and contact info and your medication lists.


Social Security Disability form filling tips

  • Do not leave any sections blank. The disability examiner needs all of your information to make a decision on your claim and cannot assess you claim properly if your forms are incomplete.

  • Describe in pain staking detail how your disability prevents you from working. The Social Security Disability examiner does not need to hear details about your diagnosis. They want to know how your physical or psychological impairments prevent you from working and maintaining gainful employment.

  • Do not rush through the forms. Make sure that you put the proper contact information for your treating doctors and medical professionals. (The Social Security Administration will use the info you provide to reach out to you treating doctors to gather information, so it is essential to provide them with correct and accurate information)


The Importance of your medical records

I mentioned above how important it is that your describe how your impairments prevent you from working. Additionally, it is critical that your medical records and treatment notes make it to the Social Security Disability office.


Your Doctor’s will play a large role in providing good quality information about your medical impairments. Therefore, you will want to let them know ahead of time that you will be filing for Social Security Disability. Informing the office will allow them to be on the lookout when the Social Security Administration requests your medical records.

Additionally, it is also recommended that you request your records and fax or mail them to the Social Security office in order to  avoid delays.  Moreover, if you receive new and additional treatments or medications after your medical records have been submitted, mail or fax them to the Social Security Disability office right away to help support your claim.


We can help with your application or appeal

For help with your Application, Reconsideration or Appeal contact your local Disability Attorney’s at the Ingaharro law Office. We have helped countless deserving people in Lowell, Dracut, Methuen, Lawrence, North Andover, and Billerica successfully apply and appeal for Social Security Disability benefits.


Please give us a call at 978-566-1075 or fill out our FREE Social Security Evaluation form by clicking here and we will prioritize your case and speak with you to help you achieve your benefits.


We represent clients in Social Security matters throughout Massachusetts including, Andover, North Andvoer, Lowell, Dracut, Chelmsford, Methuen, Tyngsboro, North Reading, Lawrence, Tewksbury, Wilmington, Haverhill, Georgetown, Middleton, Danvers, Concord, Ayer, Billerica, Bradford, Salem, Boxford, Topsfield, Groveland and Ipswich

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