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I am currently on an H2B Visa, Can I apply for green card?


How can I get a Green Card when on an H2B Visa?:


Currenty, the only way you could apply for a Green Card unther the US Immigration Laws if you are on a current H2B Visa is IF:


1. Your boss applies for a permanent position on your behalf (Green CArd through the labor certification process under PERM Processing – However, this could easily take 5-6 years, during which you may not have the permission to stay here in the United State, unless you continuously maintain valid non-immigrant visa status during all those years waiting.

2. Marriage to a US citizen;

3. Applying for a political asylum, or

4. "Winning" the green card DV lottery (assuming you are from a participatory country and meet the DV requirements)


Unfortunately, these are the only ways available under the current laws regardless of what others may tell you.


For more information contact a Lowell Immigration Lawyer online to discuss any of the above options today or call us at 978-566-1075

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