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What are my Chances of Winning my SSI/SSDI Appeal?


All disability cases are different and everyone’s case has different facts and medical evidence, therefore there is no exact science to determine you’re your specific chances will be when you file an appeal.  However, on appeal in front of an Administrative Law Judge, your chances generally improve.


Typically, once you file your first application for SSI or SSDI and you

application is not approved, you have the opportunity to file that denial through

what is called the “Reconsideration” appeal. The Social Security

Reconsideration stage is handled by filling out another series of forms and

supplying Social Security with new medical evidence.  He reconsideration

stage does not involve you bringing your case in front of an Administrative law



On average, the approval chances on appeals are as follows:

  • Research indicated that at the reconsideration level, 85% of reconsiderations get denied, and

  • at the hearing level, nationally, more than half of all ALJ hearings are won by disability claimants

Additionally, it is important to note that a Social Security disability lawyer at the hearing level can raise your chances to 60%.


Winning an appeal is not an easy task and there are many different factors that come into play that can make or break your appeal, such as:

  • Whether or not your condition worsened since you original application

  • Did you supply new and updated medical evidence to your file?

  • Prior to your hearing did you provide Social Security with the dates of your new and most recent medical treatments and visits?

  •  Did you fill out all of the new and additional paperwork sent by Social Security and did you attend any medical appointments that Social Security requested that you attenda?

  •  Were you represented by an attorney at either your Reconsideration or Appeal Hearing stage?


The best thing that you can do to improve your chances of winning your Social Security Disability appeal is to keep good records, have all of your medical issues, treatments, exams, hospital stays and prescriptions documented and hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer. (Remember, the lawyer will only get paid if your case wins)


Contact Attorney Joseph W. Ingaharro online today or call  him at 978-566-1075 and he will be more than happy to work with you on your case.


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