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Denied Social Security Disability?



Did you know that the majority of Applicants for Social Security Disability will be denied at the intial filing of the application?  Even those who have a very strong case get denied at the early stages of the application process. The think that you need to remember is that the Social Security Administration hopes that you will not pursue an appeal and go in front of a Social Security Judge, thus saving the government money.


Nearly 70% of claims are denied at the initial stage.  Once your claim is denied at the initial stage, you will be given 60 days to fill out more paperwork and file what is called the “Reconsideration”.  Additionally, Social Security denies nearly 85% of Reconsideration filing.


If your claim is denied at the reconsideration stage you will be given the opportunity to request an appeal hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge or “ALJ.”  The hearing in front of an ALJ gives you your best chance at winning you r deserved benefits. However, you must prepare properly, provide new and additional medical notes, evaluations and records.  It is essential for you to have representation at the appeal hearing stage in order for you to increase your chances of your case being approved by an ALJ.


If the Social Security Administration has denied your claim you must remain positive and continue to file for either the Reconsideration or Appeal in front of an ALJ. 


To speak with an experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer, contact us today for a Free evaluation and remember, we only get paid when You Win.



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