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Massachusetts Family Lawyer


In Massachusetts divorce is initiated by the filing of a complaint for divorce, either claiming fault or no fault grounds. Furthermore, the grounds for the divorce do not necessarily determine how property will be divided. It is not necessary to show that your spouse has caused the divorce, as most divorces are filed on grounds of irretrievable breakdown.A married couple can file an uncontested divorce by filing a Joint Petition for Divorce with the court. An uncontested divorce allows individuals who can agree upon terms of their divorce to move quickly through the court system.The Ingaharro Law Office will assist its clients navigate through the following issues with confidence:


  • Uncontested Divorce

  • Contested Divorce

  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

  • Alimony

  • Child Support Modification




An uncontested divorce is the quickest and least expensive. I can meet with you and discuss the process and then I will meet withboth you and your spouse to go over everything that needs to be in your divorce agreement. The separation agreement will include how you and your spouse will divide up the property and deal with any child custody issues.  Additionally, I’ll give you a Probate Court financial statement, and assist you in filling it out.  The financial statement is required to be filled out by both the husband and wife repsectivelyand filed with the court.


After our meeting with both of you, we will draft the agreement and send it to each of you. We will urge you to discuss it with an independent attorney. You’re not required to do this, but it’s usually a good idea.


Once you tell us that the agreement is acceptable, we will prepare the divorce petition, affidavits, financial statements, and all other necessary papers. We’ll then meet again for you to sign everything.


We will then file the with the appropriate court, and the court will notify you of your court date, which is usually within four weeks. Massachusetts divorce law requires both of you to appear in court unless there’s a truly good reason why you can’t be there.


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