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H1B Visa Transfers


The H1B visa classification permits a foreign national to work in the United States for a temporary period. It is available for offers of employment that are in a specialty occupation. A person may hold H1B status for a maximum of six years, and it may be issued in increments of up to three years by the USCIS. 

H1B Visas are available to foreign nationals with bachelor's degrees or equivalent education and experience. Additionally, the Foreign National must have a US Employer willing to sponsor him/her for the H1B Visa. The US Employer also needs to go through the Labor Certification process and be willing to pay at least the prevailing wage for the H1B Visa holder.

Each year there are currently only 65,000 H1B visas available to would be applicants. However, there’s an exception for those with a certain H1B seekers that have received a Master’s Degree from a US institution of higher education. OurLowell immigration attorneys will guide you through the process as efficiently as possible.

Massachusetts H1B Transfer Attorney:
If a current H1B Visa Holder wants to change jobs to another US Employer willing to sponsor you or an H1B Visa holder who has worked in the past (recently) they may do so without being affecting the H1B Visa Cap. Although many attorneys call this an “H1B Visa Transfer” it is a little misleading, as the new prospective employer will still need to go through the labor certification process and apply for the H1B Visa as if it were starting from the beginning.

For help with an H1B Visa or H1B Transfer, 
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