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I-751 Divorce Waiver


If you have been married for less than then two years when you apply for your Green Card, your spouse will be issued a 2 year Conditional Green Card. During the 90 Day period before your Conditional Green Card Expires your Foreign National spouse will need to file what is call and I-751 to remove the conditions from the Green Card. There are times when a couple gets divorced during the conditional 2 year residency period and the Conditional Resident needs to file an I-751 with divorce waiver. Filing an I-751 with a divorce waiver should not be completed without the help of Massachusetts Immigration Lawyer. 


This office has experience with the following and can work with you to successfully meet your immigration goals surrounding the following:


  • I-751 petition to remove conditions

  • I-751 divorce waiver


For help with a Marriage Based Green Card case or a Removal of Conditions with Divorce waiver, matter contact aLowell Marriage Based Immigration Lawyer today online or call 978-566-1075.

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