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Immigration Frequently Asked Questions


The following sections of this website provides some Basic answers to some frquently asked Immigration Question. on We are providing these steps only as a guide and they are not specific for any given case. Every immigration case has very unique sets of issues and you should consult with an Immigration Attorney.


Alot of the following pages contains only general information obtained from website. All USCIS Forms can be found right on their website. under the forms section.  Click here  and you will be directed to the official US Citizenship & Immigration  website automatically.


All up to date information on where to fileyour immigration petitions and various forms can be found at and you should reference it before mailing your petition. Additionally, you may also obtain forms from the USCIS Forms Center by calling 1-800-870-3676.



Please click the links for some answers to our Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I bring my Mom to the live in the United States? 


How do I bring my Dad to live in the United States?


My Wife is on an H4 Visa, how can I claim her as a dependant on my Taxes?


How can I get an ITIN number to file taxes?


I am on an H2B Visa, Can I apply for green card?


What info do I need to provide when applying for US Citizenship?


What happens if I get divorced/separated while on a two year conditional green card?


How do I bring my Fiance to the United States of America?


For more information on any of these matters contact a Lowell Immigration Lawyer online today or call us at 617-973-5057.

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