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Marriage Based Green Card


Congratulations on your marriage! Now, how to successfully obtain Permanent Residency Status for your loved one? A Marriage Based Green Card petition may appear easy on its face, but when couples apply without the assistance of a knowledgeable Massachusetts Immigration Attorney they can run into minefields the cause their applications to be rejected. We have successfully helped couples throughout the USA and the World put together a successful Marriage Based Green Card petitions and we would be honored to assist you with your case.

Additionally, this office represents clients that have attempted to file a Marriage Based Green Card petition on their own and were unsuccessful either during the filing stage or at the interview. In these cases, we step in assess the situation and work on making the corrections for you to be successful in your application. 

Please find a list of common reasons why couples often get denied or have unsuccessful Marriage Based Green Card Petitions:

  • Unstable marriages

  • Criminal convictions

  • Immigration violations

  • Periods of living apart

  • Lack of persuasive joint financial documentation

  • Divorce

  • Death of a petitioning U.S. citizen husband or wife

  • Children out of wedlock

  • Domestic violence


If your marriage based immigration case involves one of the above issues you MUST contact a Marriage Based Immigration Attorney to assist you in successfully navigating the Immigration Process or call 978-566-1075.

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