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1A Uncontested Divorce in Massachusetts

This office handles numerous divorces every year and most of them are 1A Uncontested Divorces or start off as a contested divorce between the husband and wife and we successfully convert the case to an uncontested matter. An uncontested divorce passes through the court tracking system at a fraction of the time as an uncontested case and saves clients a lot of time, stress, anxiety and money.

G.L.c. 208, § 1A. Irretrievable breakdown of marriage; commencement of action; complaint accompanied by statement and dissolution agreement; procedure.

Documents needed to file a Massachusetts Uncontested Divorce Case:

1. 1A Divorce Complaint

2. Financial Statements ( One for the Husband and One for the Wife)

3. A Sworn affidavit executed by the husband and wife that an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage has occurred

4. A notarized Separation Agreement that lays out the terms of the divorce as to the division of property, real estate, child custody, alimony and various other marital issues that have been decided by the couple

5. R-408 Certificate of Divorce Absolute Form

When the parties file a 1A Joint Petition for divorce, neither has to have the other party served with papers like in an uncontested matter. Additionally, after a hearing on a separation agreement which has been presented to the court, the court shall, within thirty days of the hearing, make a finding as to whether or not an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage exists and whether or not the agreement has made proper provisions for custody, for support and maintenance, for alimony and for the disposition of marital property, where applicable.

The court will use M.G.L c 208 section 34 to make sure that the division or property, assets and child custody was done in a fair and equitable manner. Once the court approves the agreement and finds that there has been an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, the judge will grant the divorce.

We offer reasonable flat fee Uncontested Divorce options. Please contact us online today or call us at 978-566-1075.

This is not meant to be used a legal advice and no attorney client relationship exits until you have a signed agreement with the Ingaharro law Office.


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