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Flat Fee 1A Uncontested Divorces $750-$1200

We are an experienced Massachusetts Law Firm that offers uncontested divorce assistance at very reasonable rates, particularly where there are small amounts of assets to distribute or no minor children to consider. Even if your matter is more complicated, you may still be able to keep your divorce uncontested and stay out of court, saving you time and money. $750.00 with no children and $1,200.00 with children (plus filing fees) includes up to 2 appearances at court and all the paper work. Please email us a summary of your situation Here and an experienced attorney will get right back to you. Or you may call 978-566-1075 to schedule an appointment. Initial phone and office consultations are always FREE.

This is not meant to be used a legal advice and no attorney client relationship exits until you have a signed agreement with the Ingaharro law Office.


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