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Why should you hire an Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer


Did you know that the majority of Social Security Disability application get denied at both the initial filing stage and then again at the Reconsideration stage. These denials happen for various reasons and one of the most common factor has to do with incomplete applications and applicants overlooking some of the most important things that Social Security Disability examiners are looking to see on or included in your application. As a Lowell Social Security Disability attorney, it is important that I share some of my experiences with you.

A Social Security Disability attorney will make sure that all of your application forms are filled out completely and accurately. When clients come to me for assistance after they have been denied Social Security Disability Benefits, I look over their complete file and typically it is missing important treatment notes and evaluations to support their impairments and how it prevents them from working. As Lawrence Social Security Disability Lawyer, I would immediately gather additional medical evaluations to boost support for your impairments which will help paint a complete and accurate picture of how your disability effects not only your ability to work but you daily life.

Moreover, there are strict deadlines that need to be met in order for applicants to file for reconsideration of their denied benefits and to apply for an Appeal Hearing in front of a Social Security Judge. It is essential that your paperwork gets filed with the Lawrence Social Security Disability Office or you will have to start your entire application process over from the beginning.

Additionally, you do not want to go in front of the Social Security Judge at an appeal hearing without proper representation. As an experience Lowell Disability Attorney, I will build your case and draft a well prepared legal brief for the judge prior to the hearing in order to educate the Judge about how your impairments prevent you from working before we even set foot in the court room.

Please note that as a Lowell Social Security Lawyer, I will only get paid when your case wins. Social Security Attorney’s fees are set by the Social Security Administration. Please reach out to us today by calling 978-566-1075 or filling out our free online form by clicking here.

Please do not go it alone, especially when applying for your benefits, by working with an attorney you are significantly increasing your odds of a more successful outcome.

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