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Why do I need a lawyer to fill out a green card application?

Marriage based green card applications are not as easy as some people suggest and not only require immense attention to detail, but a lot of time. Additionally, more often than not I will have a client come into my office looking for help because there were mistakes the forms and USCIS refused to accept the green card application, forcing the person who did it on their own to re-file the entire petition. Sometimes the delay of having to re-file forms that were not correctly filled out in the first place can cost months of time away from a job, loved one, or family.

Moreover, a marriage based green card petition will require the following forms: I-130, I-485, I-864, (2) G-325 and possible an I-765. Each of these forms will require a wide array of information from you and will require you to provide numerous amounts of supporting evidence that if you do not provide will prolong your case by many months and will make your chances for a successful marriage based green card very difficult.

Additionally, a lot of people that file paperwork on their own get their cases denied or sent back to them because of errors on both the I-485 the adjustment of status form and the I-864 the financial sponsor form. Both of those forms take a lot of time to put together and require multiple pieces of supporting evidence and certified documentation.

When you are filing a green card petition for your spouse or family member, the stakes are so high and if not done correctly may cost double or triple the amount of money and time it would have taken if you just had an experienced immigration attorney do for you at the start.

Attorney Joseph W. Ingaharro has family based immigration experience for over 8 years and will gladly help you successfully apply for your family based green card. He will work on providing you with an affordable payment plan and always charges a flat fee for immigration petitions so you will never be surprised by a bill.

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