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Letters of Support and your SSDI/SSI Claim

I often encounter clients that have been in pain for so long that it has become a normal part of their lives and they do not even realize anymore how much they have altered their daily activities and modified how they do a lot of their daily functioning.

Therefore, it is often difficult for my Social Security Disability clients to articulate how difficult the normal every day tasks are for them or how much pain they constantly feel. I always encourage my Social Security Disability Clients to have a close friend, family member, someone who lives with them or a former co-worker to write a third party statement of support, o the Social Security Disability claimant. The person who writes the statement can tell a story that describes just how difficult it is for the SSDI/SSI claimant to handle daily activities, and how unpredictable their behavior and or sleep patterns can be. Additionally, the person writing the statement of support can also attest to any social anxieties and how difficult it is for the SSDI/SSI claimant to function out in public.

However, although a third party letter of support can be very helpful, they must also be written by someone who truly knows the claimant and can write in detail how the claimant's conditions affect them in a real time every day manner. More often than not, claimants and third party letters of support will list out the claimant's medical conditions and impairments. I spend a lot of time as a Social Security Disability Attorney working with clients to establish how each condition negatively affects their level of functioning. Social Security Claims Examiners and Judges are not looking for a list of impairments or conditions to grant a favorable decision on a SSDI/SSI Claim. Social Security is looking to find out if the impairments and conditions rise to the level of preventing the claimant from gainful employment.

If you are in the process of applying or appealing a Social Security decision, please feel free to get in touch with me and I can help put you in a better position of success on your claim. Click here for a free consultation

Social Security Disability Attorney Joseph W. Ingaharro.

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