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Can I receive back/retroactive payments on SSDI/SSI?

The short answer is "Yes" if a claimant is successful in the application or appeal for disability benefits he/she may receive payments for months/years the prior to the date that the benefits were awarded. Please note that

1. “Back payments” is in reference to payments for the period between the initial application and the favorable decision, and 2.“Retroactive payments” is in reference to payments for the period between when the claimant's Onset date and the initial application.

Subsequently, a claimant who only applies for Supplemental Social Security Insurance (SSI) will only be able to receive "back payments" that got back to the date of the original application. Unfortunately, retro payments are not available on SSI claims.

An applicant who applied for Social Security Disability (SSDI) may receive both back payments from the date of the application onward, and may also be able to receive retroactive payments from the onset date of the disability. Moreover, when a claimant "wins" an award for SSDI, the back/retro payments may be subject to the five-month waiting period that applies to SSDI claims. Additionally, if/when Social Security accepts a claimant's alleged onset date, then back payments and/or retroactive payments will apply beginning five months after the onset date. (there is a 5 month waiting period for SSDI claimants when they have a successful claim) Please note, that retroactive benefits will generally not be awarded for more than 12 months before the application date. This is important, because sometimes a claimant may have been disabled for years before applying and often get denied during the early stages of the application process, because they are attempting to get a larger retro active award.

As a Social Security Disability Lawyer, I would be more than happy to chat with you about your case and help you successfully apply or appeal a recent Social Security Disability Denial.

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