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Were you denied Social Security Disability?


Unfortunately, vast majority of applications for Social Security disability will be denied. I have had clients come into my office with very strong cases and it is important to know that even if you have a strong case, the Social Security Administration may deny your claim in the hope that you will not pursue the appeal, thereby saving the government money.


If you have been denied at the initial stage of your application, you are not alone. Nearly 60% of claims are denied at the Initial stage. The Social Security Administration allows you 60 days to appeal this decision. If you decide to appeal, your claim enters the Reconsideration stage. Most of my clients hire me to help them at the reconsideration stage, because it is essential to file the proper information to overturn the Social Security’s initial decision.


The Social Security Administration rejects over 85% of Reconsiderations. If you choose to appeal again, you can request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). The Hearing stage represents your best chance of obtaining disability benefits, and it is important to prepare properly. Having a or Social Security attorney can significantly increase your chances of being approved at this third stage.


As your attorney, I would prepare you for the hearing, gather new evidence from your treating doctors, draft evaluations that are specific to your medical conditions and send them to your doctors to full out and support your case. Additionally, I would draft a detailed legal brief and provide it to the court prior to you hearing in the hope of winning the case without the need to see a judge.


I would like to help you with your case and would do everything in my power to make the process easier for you. Please contact me for a free evaluation by clicing here.  "Clients first"

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