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When To Apply for Socisl Security Disability 


How long do I need to wait before applying for Social Security Disability Benefits once I am deemed disabled?

  • You can and should apply as soon as possible, meaning, you can file for Social Security disability benefits on the say you became disabled. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up waiting months and sometimes years after they became disabled before filing a Social Security disability claim. Additionally, it is important to understand that you should not file a Social Security disability claim if you only have a minor illness or one which is unlikely to last a year or more. However, an if you or someone you are assisting is experiencing a serious illness or injury and expects to be out of work for a year or more at which point a SSDI claim should be filed right away for benefits.


I have some money in the bank that I saved and can currently pay my bills with it. Is it true that this money needs to run out before I can apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

  • The short answer is No, provided that you have worked in recent years or if you are applying for one of the following. 1. A disabled widow's, 2. Widower's benefits or 4. Disabled Adult Child benefit.  Therefore, if you are applying for one of the above the amount of money you have in the bank should not prevent you from applying for your benefits.


What effect will Social Security Disability Benefits have on Medicare and Medicaid?

  • SSDI: This is a common question and it is important to know that anyone eligible SSDI benefits is eligible for Medicare after a 2 year waiting period. However, during this waiting period an individual will have to seek alternatives to coverage.

  • SSI: Additionally, a person receiving SSI is eligible for Medicaid. In most states, a decision will be made by the Social Security administration on an individual’s ability to receive Medicaid. However, some states require a separate application for Medicaid. Therefore, you will want to check the rules of your individual state. If you have any questions please feel free to contact this office and we will see about getting you the answers you are seeking. 

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